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Hunt Royale Guides and Videos

Dragon’s Dungeon Starter Guide

This guide will tell you how to get started in Dragon’s Dungeon. This is the beginning of what most players enjoy about Hunt Royale. It can be intimidating when you first enter. So watch this guide and learn everything you need to know!

Chaos Tier List!

Hundreds of people helped create this tier list over several months. And it will continue to evolve and update as long as people keep submitting their data! This list is based on how many times players used that hunter and succeeded. It does not matter if we feel like a hunter is S tier, if the data does support it, it will not be S tier. Hunters are sorted by the combined average for all dungeons of that floor.

  • S tier is the top 5 hunters for that dungeon and floor combination.
  • A tier is the top 30% of hunters.
  • B tier is the top 50% of hunters.
  • C tier is the top 70%.
  • D tier is 3 or more wins
If you want to use the data and set your own criteria for what is S tier, please click here.

Hunt Royale - Skill Tier List for Dragon Dungeon Mode

This video helps you learn what skills are important. This can significantly help new players to succeed in dungeons.

How to make a Dungeon List

Now that you’re doing dungeons, one of the best things you can do is make a list  using the hunters you have. Lists help you use the right hunters on the right floors, especially when things get difficult towards the end.

After watching the video, head over to the KicksGaming Dungeon List Maker . You can use it to create a list for you or you and a partner.

Use the “Assist Mode” to get help from other players. You exclude any hunters that you do not have, then share that list with anyone who wants to help. They will be able to create a custom list that only uses hunters you own. When they are done they will share the newly created list with you!

Hunt Royale - Kraken Guide - No Epic Gear!

This guide is for new players with low gear score. It shows you how to run kraken the way it was originally intended (difficultly)! This video expects you to have read the Dragon’s Dungeon Starter Guide above to know the basics of how dungeons work.

Additional information can be found in this video: Discord Event - Kraken 10 Speedrun (KK10) - Tier 1 in common gear!

Daily Maze - Full Run - With Common Maze Gear (failed on 20!)

Now that you’ve unlocked maze, you’ll want to do the daily maze every day as it is fantastic   rewards .

If you haven’t unlocked insane mode yet, please watch my series on how to play hard mode. It can be very challenging if you do not own the hunter for that day, but you definitely want to unlock insane mode! Daily Maze Guide (Hard Mode)

The Complete Guide to Poison Fire and Tentacles

When you are ready for the Maze dungeon, you need to know how maze gear works. This video shows you everything you could possibly want to know about poison, fire, and tentacles. This is a must watch if you want to succeed in the Maze dungeon. Many players use strategies like poison swapping to make the runs go MUCH faster.

(v1.6.8 Update!) How multi-tickets work

Want free mythics? Of course you do. But using lots of daily maze tickets is not going to work the way you want it to.

This video goes over how the multi-ticket system works. Basically you get to go much faster, but you lose some of the rewards as a penalty. I cover daily challenges, daily events, and daily maze.

Battlegrounds 101

Battlegrounds is Hunt Royale’s best PvP mode. Everyone hates Duel, and Bounty Hunter is “okay”. But Battlegrounds? Now that’s fun!

This video shows you everything you need to get started in Battlegrounds without getting lost. It doesn’t have in depth strategy as that is a lot of information to cover. It might become a future video. We’ll see!

Dungeon pass and VIP changes

Should you spend money on this game? I think so, it’s not pay to win like so many other mobile games, and their deals like the VIP subscription are fantastic deals.

In this video I talk about changes made to the VIP system and the new dungeon pass. I don’t cover special offers like black friday deals. I will leave those up to your wallet and your comfortability!

Discord Event - Boss Hunt

This video was created for a discord event featuring Boss Hunt mode. But it does cover what you need to know to play Boss Hunt effectively!

Use Awakening to WIN the daily challenge!

How does awakening work? In this video I show you how it works with daily challenges. But I also cover the basics. So check this out if you want to learn what awakening is capable of.

Things Hunt Royale doesn't tell you!

This document is a knowledge dump of so much stuff that doesn’t neatly fit into a single video. One day I might make a “50 things you didn’t know about HR” video, but today is not that day!

Some random samples:

  • The chance to buy a hunter from the shop comes once every 10 days.
  • It is server-wide. If I get the option to buy a hunter today, so do you.
  • It does not affect your progress for your next hunter unlock.
  • Beetle
  • Attack speed perk increases Beetle's attack speed by 20% (as expected) but movement speed increases it by 40%.
  • In Co-op mode you are limited to the following:
  • You can only get 1 damage reflect
  • You can only get 3 multishot
  • You can only get 3 ricochet

Hunter Guides

Want to know more about specific hunters? Please check out my videos featuring some of the best hunters in the game. I even have some hunter showcases that cover those hunters from top to bottom! Note to self: complete 68 more videos to complete this series!

Hunt Royale - Back to the Basics!

Elf Archer is fairly simple, so she doesn’t need her own video. So included with this video is how to play hunt. It’s great for the newest of new players, but might help you with some things you didn’t realize. This game is much more complex than first meets the eye!

Hunter Showcase - Franky

Franky is a fun hunter. He smashes like hulk and is darn near invincible. Get the skinny on this fatty in this video.

Hunter Showcase- Void Knight

Void Knight is an S tier hunter. If you have him, there’s a few things you should probably learn about him.

Hunter Showcase- Snowman

Snowman is INSANELY FUN! I can’t emphasize that enough. If you are playing during the Christmas event? Get him! You won’t be disappointed. Learn what makes him so much fun in this video.

Daily Maze Guide - Episode 3: Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper is a pretty unique hunter. Capable of a few things other hunters can only dream of. If you play co-op, he is S tier! Learn more about how he works in this video. It’s a video for hard mode daily maze, but what you learn is useful for any mode where you want to play him!

Daily Maze Guide - Episode 1: Vlad

Poor Vlad. He’s a very solid hunter all around. But at level 1 he is absolutely terrible in daily maze hard mode. But once he’s level 10, he’s one of the best (easiest) at doing the daily maze. Learn what makes him special in this video.

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